Former Manson Follower and Convicted Murderer Leslie Van Houten Approved for Parole

Leslie Van Houten, the youngest of Charles Manson’s murderous followers, was recommended for parole Wednesday by a state panel that concluded she has radically changed her life during the more than 40 years she has been in prison for two brutal murders she helped commit 48 years ago and is no longer a threat to society.

Manson Family Values: Whatever Happened to the Children of the Manson Family? + UPDATES ON THE FAMILY

by Scroll down to access the Original post from September 5, 2009 I’m gluing Manson Family updates to the top of the post as they become available. UPDATE: From July 2, 2018 JUDGE UPHOLDS GOVERNOR’S DECISION TO REVERSE PAROLE FOR MANSON MURDERER LESLIE VAN HOUTEN JUDGE UPHOLDS GOVERNOR’S DECISION TO REVERSE PAROLE FOR MANSON MURDERER […]

The fascinating story behind the 60s pop song Angel Baby: Rosie & The Originals – Angel Baby (1961)

“Angel Baby” was their first and only Top 40 hit. Lead singer/songwriter Rosie Hamlin was only 15 when this song was recorded in an abandoned aircraft hanger in San Diego. Features one of the most incredibly off-key sax solo of any song of this era. Thousands of kids identified with the the juvenile sounding vocalist Rosie Hamlin and “Angel Baby” went on to become a minor classic.

American Royalty: The Hatfields and McCoys (White Lightning)

At a time when it seems that the USA isn’t (the USA): the Hatfields and McCoys: White Lightning show on The History Channel takes us back to America’s roots. Not as far back as Geronimo or Columbus, or even back to the founding of Jamestown – but back to the time when two families of the West Virginia–Kentucky area along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River were involved in The Hatfield–McCoy feud (1863–1891.)

Bada Bing Bada Boom, here’s the review of Jersey Boys

Quite simply stated, Jersey Boys is one of the best audio/visual/ things I’ve ever experienced. The way more than apt individual who wrote/programmed the set-design/lighting hit a bases-loaded home-run with me. The set design itself, in terms of walls, furniture, stage-lighting etc. was gorgeous, if not remarkable, but there’s another facet to the design. Large 1/4-stage size? planes of light at the back of the stage changed colors and danced to the music, in fact the phrase that came to mind was that the planes of light were the fifth instrument. For those of you – and you know who you are – the fifth instrument refers to 50s rock and roll groups that usually had only four instruments: Drums, bass-guitar, lead-guitar and rhythm-guitar.

The Denver Connection: Jersey Boys/Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Denver’s own Jerry Corbetta (born September 23, 1947, in Denver, CO was a founding-member of Boulder, Colorado’s, 70s psychedelic-rock-band, Sugarloaf. Sugarloaf’s, Green Eyed Lady reached #3 on Billboards Hot 100 in 1970. Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You was another national hit by these inovative musicians. In the 80s, Jerry Corbetta joined the Four Seasons’ line-up and the group became a sextet.

Practice makes perfect: Pasquini’s Cherry Creek in Denver

With a lively Cherry Creek bar-scene, I predict, Pasquini’s is going to be the happening place in Denver come this Spring, along with the literal opening of the dining area: garage-type doors open to expose the entire south side of the restaurant to Denver’s gorgeous Spring and Summer weather. Huh! Can’t miss with these prices in pricey Cherry Creek.