The Edgewater Inn: Last of the Continuously-Operated/Owned by the Same Family Italian Restaurants in The (Near What Used to be Denver’s Little Italy) Hood

“As the reputation of the Edgewater Inn grew, it was rumored that high ranking Denver police officials would usher celebrities like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra into the Inn after hours. Frank was said to have proclaimed that the Edgewater Inn had the best pizza in Denver.”

What is Cool and Hot at the very same time?

What is Cool and Hot at the very same time and just across the pond (the pond being Sloan Lake on the west side of Denver?) The new GB Fish & Chips restaurant on Sheridan Blvd. might be the answer to Denver’s serious lack of ocean views. OK, so it ain’t an ocean, just a small lake in Edgewater (21st & Sheridan Blvd.)